1, 2, & 3 BR Apartments

When looking for an affordable and quality apartment, ask a friend if there are any vacancies in hisapartmenttypes apartment building and if so, ask him about the cost of rent and the quality of the apartment. Search for apartments on local rental guides and read tenants’ reviews of these apartments.

Visit www.apartmentslocal.org to find local apartment listings. Send e-mails to the realtors who listed the apartments and request an appointment with the apartment manager. An important part of looking for an apartment is the amount of space and rooms you need, and you can choose a one bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartments or three bedroom apartments.

With a one bedroom apartment, you usually have a full kitchen, separate bathroom and sometimes a laundry room. A one bedroom apartment is ideal for someone who just started an entry-level job and who will live alone. It’s also ideal if you like to have extra space in your apartment and if you entertain often.

A one bedroom apartment’s price is slightly pricier than a studio apartment but you’ll still get more for your money. Some one bedroom apartments also have the costs of cable, water, gas or Internet included in the rent so if you don’t like to pay separate utility bills, look for a one bedroom apartment that offers this.

Two bedroom apartments are ideal for college students or married couples who are renting while saving up for a new home. Two bedroom apartments have the same features as a one bedroom apartment but the only difference is that it has an extra bedroom.

If you like privacy in an apartment from your roommate, a two bedroom apartment would be ideal. If you live alone but a relative needs to stay with you for a few days due to an emergency, it’s best to get a two bedroom apartment.

A three bedroom apartment is ideal for married couples with two or more children and who plan to rent long-term. Some three bedroom apartments may have two or more closets and a dining room. The price for these types of apartments are similar to two bedroom apartments.