Apartment Living

Everything is unpacked in the new apartment and now you can relax, but you don’t want to settle for just moving in the apartment. You can decorate the apartment to make it reflect your style and interests. Apartment trends change often, so you shouldn’t choose decorations that are solely based on the latest trends but you can get inspiration from them. Here are some ways you can add flair to your apartment living.

For example, if you just moved into a studio apartment and you’re a radio disc jockey, you can put up two or three large vintage posters of 1960s or 1970s rock artists along the walls of the apartment, and you can take some radio-related postcards and decorate your coffee table with them.

Another idea is to purchase a bright-colored lava lamp to give it a hippie touch, and purchase a medium-sized area rug with a combination of neutral and bright-colored patterns. Your futon sofa can be brown or green, and you can put some decorative pillows with slogans on the sofa.

If you moved into a townhome and you want the apartment to reflect your favorite hobby of cooking, get a red or blue Kitchen-Aid mixer for your kitchen counter and get some funky cookie jars and storage containers for your pastas, rice, sugar and flour. Get some funny pictures you took while at different restaurants and blow them up so they can be used as wall décor for the kitchen. Decorate your kitchen table with one big red bowl filled with fruit and wrapped candies.

Be careful not to clutter your apartment with too many accessories as this causes a disoriented look. Instead, pick out the accessories that stand out the most and let the focus be on those. Always dust and polish any wooden furniture periodically so it can be shiny and add additional style to the apartment.

Less is more when decorating an apartment and the minimalist approach creates the illusion of an open space. Check with your landlord before painting walls or installing shelves in the apartment.