Apartment Moving Checklist

To have an organized move to your new apartment, you should have a moving checklist on hand because this will help you stay on track during the moving process and you’ll be less stressed about it. You can also get friends and relatives to help you prepare the checklist and stick to it without getting distracted. Tape your moving checklist on a wall near the front door or the front door so you can easily access it. Write out the moving checklist as soon as you find the new apartment and sign the lease.

The first thing you should do is call the movers and storage company. When choosing a moving company, ask for verification that the workers are licensed and insured, and ask about the price they charge for their services. Compare prices of different moving companies by visiting a comparison shopping website, and read some online reviews of these companies.

Choose a local moving company because it’s cheaper and you won’t have to pay extra fees for the distance from the company to your apartment if this company is located out of town. When choosing a storage company, tour the facility and find out how much space each room has in general. Also ask what the consequences are for late payment and if they offer discounts.

A month before the move you should gather your boxes, packaging tape, strings, newspaper and bubble wrap. Then pack one room at a time, and label each box by category of items and which room in the new apartment the items will be in. Always wrap your most fragile items with the newspaper and bubble wrap and pack these items by themselves. Call the utility companies and have them transfer your services to the new apartment on a certain date. During this time you need to sell or give away items you won’t take to the new apartment.

A few weeks before the move you should eat the remaining foods that are in the refrigerator and don’t shop for a lot of groceries between now and when you arrive at the apartment. Also thoroughly clean the apartment a week before the move-out date and again the day after you move out. During this time you should pay the remaining rent.