Apartment Ratings and Reviews

One of the best ways to search for a new apartment is to read reviews and ratings on different apartment companies by former tenants. When you read the reviews and ratings, don’t stick to one review website but read at least five different review websites to get a fair and accurate idea of the apartments you’re interested in. Ask friends if they can recommend some good apartment review websites and also read real estate articles to get their top picks for apartment review websites.

The Better Business Bureau’s website is a good place to start if you’re looking for quality apartment reviews. Find out what former tenants had to say about the apartment companies and you should also look for any complaints that were filed against these companies for unethical business practices. If you find favorable reviews about certain apartment companies, visit their websites and send e-mails to the property managers stating your interest in touring the apartments.

Local real estate magazines or newsletters are good ways to get the latest apartment reviews and ratings from real estate experts. Pay specific attention to what the experts say about the relations landlords maintain with tenants, rent prices, flexibility of the leases, safety of the apartments, best amenities and how close the apartments are to businesses. But don’t always be fooled by the high ratings you see in the magazines because this is probably not given by tenants but mostly the landlords who want to advertise their businesses.

If you notice that one apartment has a lot of ugly and mean reviews from tenants, don’t immediately assume the apartment isn’t a good place to rent from. Some tenants may have been in the wrong and they’re venting their frustration on the review website. But for some tenants, they were wronged by their landlords and they want to warn future tenants about unethical landlords. On the other hand, you should also be careful not to get caught up in overly positive reviews of certain apartments by tenants because every tenant is different.