Efficiency Apartments

An efficiency apartment is the smallest and cheapest type of apartment you can get according to Houseinfo.com. It’s usually a combined living room with a separate kitchen and bathroom. The efficiency apartment is ideal for the person who has his first job and who needs an affordable apartment.

Some efficiency apartments come furnished but most are unfurnished, and it shouldn’t be too hard to decorate an efficiency apartment with a little creativity. For example, if the walls are orange, you can purchase an inexpensive brown or gray futon that serves as a pullout bed. You can also add a medium-sized coffee table with drawers for your bills as well as a portable refrigerator instead of a big one.

When talking with the landlord about the efficiency apartment, ask if you’ll be responsible for paying for utilities such as lights, water, gas, cable and Internet service. You should also tour the apartment to ensure that it meets safety standards and that it’s clean overall. Ask if you will receive reimbursement if you decide to make minor repairs to problematic fixtures in the apartment, and if your security deposit is refundable.

When you look at the lease, ask questions about terms you don’t understand and if you don’t agree with the due date or amount of rent you’re expected to pay, mention this before you sign the lease. Also ask what the consequences are for breaking the lease and under which circumstances can you break the lease without penalty.

You can find listings for efficiency apartments in the local classified ads, local online rental guides and Craigslist. Another idea is to visit www.apartmentslocal.com or the website of the National Association of Realtors. On this website you can schedule an appointment with the realtor and tour the efficiency apartments you’re interested in.

Another way to look for an efficiency apartment is to contact a friend who rents an efficiency apartment, and ask if there are any vacancies. Walk around your neighborhood and look for flyers that advertise efficiency apartments, and then call the apartment managers to schedule a meeting.