Finding a Roommate

While generally you’re able to find an affordable apartment, there are times when you won’t be able to carry the financial responsibility alone and in this situation you need a roommate. But you should be very selective when choosing a roommate because some tenants may not have good character and they may not pay their share of the rent as they promised. This is why your friends and relatives are the first people you should ask if you need someone to share an apartment with you. They know your personality and they’ll respect your desire to maintain the best living environment without too much tension. If you’re not able to get friends and relatives to move in, here is how to find a high quality roommate.

If you’re a student and you’re good friends with some classmates you believe are trustworthy, ask them if they would be interested in sharing an apartment with you. Have each classmate give verification of their incomes and then decide on which utilities each person will be responsible for. Type an agreement stating those responsibilities before looking for the apartment together and give a copy to each of the classmates.

While Craigslist is a good website for jobs and other services, it’s not recommended that you locate a roommate on this website because you’re taking a huge risk and there are criminals who prey on unsuspecting victims but they pose as potential renters to lure victims. Instead, post your ads in local newspapers or post flyers near family-friendly places such as restaurants, theaters, malls, supermarkets and recreational centers. Ask coworkers if they know trustworthy friends who are looking for an apartment and if so, give the coworkers your number and e-mail address so the potential roommates can contact you.

Once you’ve found the right roommate, respect each other’s space and personality. If you tend to be very neat but your roommate is not that way, politely tell him that you would prefer if he contributed more to keeping the apartment clean. Don’t borrow your roommate’s things without asking first as this causes tension between roommates. If the roommate is slacking in his payment of some of utilities, ask why this is happening and find a fair solution to the problem before kicking the roommate.