Frequently Asked Apartment Moving Questions

A common question some renters ask is when it’s the best time to start packing and call the moving company. The best time to call the moving company and pack your belongings is two months before your move-out date. This relieves some of the stress and it gives you adequate time to pack. When you pack, you should do one room at a time and always have extra packing supplies on hand. When you contact a moving company ask if they give free on-site estimates and what special measures they take to protect your belongings.

Another frequently asked question about moving is if it’s better to hire a moving company or pack and move by yourself. It depends on how many things you have in your current apartment and if you have assistance from friends and relatives. If you have most of your items in storage and you have friends with large enough vans and trucks for your items, then it’s more affordable to move by yourself. But if you have a few large appliances and you don’t have assistance from others, you should call a moving company.

Some of the frequently asked questions renters have concern packing. Some renters ask if they can pack small items in the dressers before the movers arrive and generally this isn’t recommended because items easily fall out the dresser and get damaged. Therefore it’s best to pack all items in boxes or bags. Other renters want to know how they should pack their most fragile items. You can wrap these items in newspaper and bubble wrap, and always pack these in a separate box.

Another common question is if renters can transfer their current utility services to the new apartment. Depending on the utility company, it’s possible to do this. But you’ll need to call the utility companies a few weeks before the move-out date so everything will be in place when you get to the new apartment. You should also get a change of address from the post office.