Moving Companies

The most affordable way to move to your new apartment is to get some friends and relatives with large trucks or vans to carry your belongings but this is not always an option for many, you’ll have to call a moving company. Your choice of a moving company should be made with research and common sense.

You should contact some real estate agencies to see if they can recommend a good moving company, and you can also ask your current landlord if he knows of any good moving companies. But it’s not enough to take their word for it because you still need to research these companies for yourself.

Visit the moving companies’ websites’ “Our Services” sections to get details on what they offer. Also read online reviews of the companies’ former customers.

A good moving company will have adequate vehicles and workers to help you bring your belongings to the new apartment without breaking your most fragile items. A good moving company will also be insured and licensed. When you research moving companies, ask if they can visit your apartment so they can evaluate your items and give you an estimate. If the company doesn’t offer this free service, find another company.

While the phone book is a good place to seek out moving companies, you especially need to be careful because some of these companies don’t give many details about the company so you won’t know if the company is licensed or how long they’ve been in business. When you look up moving companies in a phone book, visit the Better Business Bureau’s website and inquire about these companies.

Once you found the right moving company, monitor their actions throughout the move to ensure that items are safely packed in the trucks and that items won’t get left behind. If there is a misunderstanding between you and the movers, politely clear up the problem and proceed with the move. Just as you expect to be treated with respect, you should treat the movers the same way.