Moving Estimates

The first thing you want to do before moving to a new apartment is to get moving estimates from different local moving companies. When inquiring about the companies’ estimates, never accept estimates over the phone because in order to get the best price for your budget and needs, you should receive an on-site free estimate from the moving companies.

And moving companies that only give estimates over the phone could be fraudulent so beware. You should also look out for estimates from companies that are unlicensed, uninsured and that don’t have the best reputation.

One good way to search for an affordable estimate is to visit local comparison shopping websites to compare different moving companies. Type in all of the possessions and projected expenses accurately so you’ll get the best deal for your money. It also helps to read some online reviews of local moving companies by customers because they can give information on the estimates they received from the moving companies.

Some good comparison websites are BizRate, Shopzilla and Read the “About Us” sections on the moving companies’ websites to get an idea of what the estimates could include such as gas and insurance.

Just because you like an estimate that a company gives you doesn’t mean you should choose that company right away. You want to get as many estimates as possible but at the same time don’t spend too much time on looking for the estimate because you need time to pack your belongings, clean the apartment and cancel your utility services. Once you found the right estimate from a moving company, arrange for the date you want the move to occur. Also give special instructions to movers regarding your most fragile items.

Before you sign the contract with the moving company, read it carefully and ask questions if you’re unclear about the terms. Pay specific attention to what the company will and will not be liable for as this is important to remember should legal issues arise between you and the moving company.