Moving Into An Apartment

The first thing you want to do is purchase large and small moving boxes for your items and pack them at least two months before it’s time to move. Pack your smaller items in the larger boxes and the larger ones in the smaller boxes to make things easier to carry outside the house. Have plenty of duct tape, ropes, newspaper and bubble wrap on hand, especially if you have a lot of breakables. Label your items in categories and on each box write with a marker which rooms those boxes will go to when you arrive at the new apartment.

Before you leave your old apartment, cancel all of your services such as utilities, housekeeping, lawn care services, postal service and newspaper delivery. Get some friends and relatives to help you clean the apartment before the move and give away or sell the items you don’t need to them. If the security deposit is refundable, meet with the landlord to get this deposit. Do some slight painting on the walls where the paint chipped and clean out your refrigerator and oven. Spray some air freshener throughout the apartment before you leave.

Now that most of your boxes are packed and you cancelled your services, it’s time to contact a local moving company. Ask the company manager to verify that he and his workers are licensed and insured, and ask about the price they charge. Before the movers arrive you can visit the new apartment and measure the space in each room so you’ll know which pieces of furniture won’t fit in the new apartment. One the movers arrive at the new apartment, put the labeled boxes in the rooms you want the items to be in so you can stay organized during the moving process.

Now that you put all the furniture in the new apartment, you may still have to shop for more necessities to put in the apartment. For the kitchen the main supplies you’ll need include a kitchen table, dinnerware and silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, garbage can, trash bags and large freezer bags to store food in. Some plastic storage containers, cups and glasses are also needed for the kitchen.

For the bathroom you’ll need toilet cleaner, toilet brush, tissue holders, a bucket, bleach, soap dish, toothbrush holder, shower curtains and shower liners. You should also get scented candles or air freshener for the bathroom. For the bedroom you’ll need a bed, mattress, dresser, area rug, alarm clock, table lamp and some hangars for your clothes.