Moving Tips

1.  Waiting Too Long to Pack for The Move

Some renters don’t start packing until one or two weeks before the move and this causes them unnecessary stress. Instead, you need to research different moving companies at least a month before the move-out date so you won’t have to rush and get a mover to come. During this time you need to get rid of any items and furniture you won’t take to the new apartment. Purchase your moving boxes, tape, stickers, rope and markers so you’ll have everything you need to pack.

2.  Trying to Handle the Load Alone

If you have roommates, ask them to do their share in packing for the move. Assign each roommate a task and monitor them throughout the day to see if they’re doing the tasks correctly. If you live alone, call friends, relatives and coworkers and ask if they can come over to assist you. When you have help from others, the moving process will run smoothly.

3.  Failing to Compare Moving Companies’ Rates

Other renters don’t gather enough estimates from different moving companies and as a result they may too much to have their belongings carried to the new apartment. You should contact at least ten or more moving companies and get free on-site estimates so you can compare their prices. Never choose the first moving company that you’re interested in.

4.  Not Reading Lease Carefully

One thing you should never do is casually glance over your new apartment lease because if you’re unclear about certain terms of the lease, this will backfire on you when the landlord brings up certain issues once you move in. Make sure the lease is clear regarding the due date of the monthly rent, rent price, any restrictions and the penalties for breaking the lease before the term ends.

5.  Moving In Without an Inspection

You don’t want unpleasant surprises when you move in the new apartment so it’s important to hire an inspector to check for damages in the apartment so you can alert the landlord.

6.  Forgetting to Arrange Utility Service

Sometimes you’re so focused on the packing and delivery of your items that you forget to ask the utility companies to transfer your service to the new apartment.

7.  Not considering Your Budget

When you seek a new apartment, think about your weekly income then determine how much rent you can afford based on the income. This keeps you from struggling with late payments every month.

8.  Not Cleaning Your Old Apartment

Part of moving to a new apartment is cleaning your old one. Clean out the stove, oven and refrigerator and mop all floors in the apartment. Dust all furniture that came with the apartment when you moved in and cut the grass in the front yard and backyard.

9.  Forgetting to Get a Change of Address

It’s important to get a change of address at the post office because it can hurt you financially if the new renters receive your old mail. Identity theft costs Americans thousands of dollars each year and you can prevent a stolen identity by having your mail sent to the new address.

10. Not Getting Renters’ Insurance

You need renters’ insurance because most homeowners’ insurance policies don’t cover losses that renters incurred due to theft or apartment accidents. When you get renters’ insurance you get monetary coverage for apartment-related emergencies.