New Neighborhood

Part of moving to a new apartment is not just setting up utilities or finding the best roommate, but also enjoying the new neighborhood. It would be a little boring if you went to work, ran some errands then headed back to the apartment. If you’re in a new city because of a different job, it’s important that you absorb what this city has to offer residents so you can enjoy your time there.

Talk to some neighbors and ask about life in your new city. Ask them where you should go to make utility payments and where city hall is located in case you need to handle business or legal affairs such as taxes or obtaining a business permit.

Ask them where the best restaurants and nightclubs are, and what things is this city known for. Ask the neighbors where some good beauty salons and barbershops are, and where you can get decent and affordable clothing and groceries.

If you have relatives in your new city, call them and arrange for a visit. Have them give you a driving tour of the area and ask them to point out the safest neighborhoods near your new apartment. Ask them about the history of the city and why they chose to live here.

Ask about popular regional meals you can cook at the apartment and what type of music is popular in this area. If you’re looking for a new job, ask relatives where the local workforce center is located and which industries are in high demand there.

Read some local lifestyle magazines to get an idea of what to expect in your new neighborhood. Read profiles of up-and-coming entrepreneurs aso you can patronize their businesses and help the local economy. Visit some of the city’s public parks and gyms to relax after work or school. Listen to local radio stations and watch news programs so you’ll know about the latest issues in the city.