One major aspect of an apartment move is storage, and because you won’t be able to store all of your possessions in your apartment, you’ll need to put some items in a storage unit. Storage units are generally safe to use, affordable and the units come in a variety of sizes for large and small items.
Some good places to locate good storage companies include online review websites, phone books, references from friends or relatives or the local newspaper. You can also walk around your neighborhood and visit different storage companies.

The most important qualities to look for in a storage company are safety and security. You should be able to have easy and safe access to your possessions, and you should have your own lock. It’s also important to ask if the company maintains 24-hour security surveillance on the property and if you can get in the building during off hours in the event of emergencies.

Also check to see if the storage building is well-maintained on the outside and inside because you need to know that your possessions are kept in a clean and organized environment. Find out if the storage company has pest control methods because you don’t want your possessions damaged by pests or any stray animals that may get in the building. Make sure the units your possessions will be in are climate-controlled because if the temperature is too hot or cold, your possessions will be damaged.

Once you’ve chosen the storage company, you’ll have to determine the unit size that’s right for you. If you have mostly medium-sized items such as a computer, large radio, television or some storage bins, choose a 5×5, which is the smallest size. The 5×10 is a good choice if you have two or more large mattresses, headboards, large rugs, or a medium-sized sofa. The 10×30 is the largest space available and can hold a wide variety of decisions.

Finally, you should consider the cost of the rent each month and read the contract carefully before signing it. Find out the consequences of breaking the lease early and paying the rent late.