Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is similar to efficiency in that they’re both one-room apartments that serve as a bedroom, living room and home office but separated by the kitchen and bathroom. These apartments are also cheaper than the traditional one to three bedroom apartments, so the studio apartment is ideal for singles and young entrepreneurs who need an all-purpose apartment at a low price.

Depending on where you live, it’s not hard to locate a studio apartment for rent although the larger cities tend to have more studio apartments than rural towns. When looking for a studio apartment it’s important to tour the place with the landlord so you can determine if it’s safe and livable.

You should find a studio apartment that’s located near busy streets, well-lit areas during nighttime hours, supermarkets, banks, schools and your job as well as public transportation.

Talk to people in the neighborhood you’re interested in and ask what the best features of their neighborhoods are and what things about this neighborhood they like the least. This gives you an idea of what to expect if you move in an apartment there. Read some of the local independent magazines in the area to learn more about the different attractions it offers potential renters.

If you carry a lot of heavy things to and from an apartment, you should look for a studio apartment that has an elevator and a staircase. Also look at how much parking space is available at the studio apartment and if there’s around-the-clock security on apartment grounds. Check out the physical appearance of the apartment and see if it’s well-kept by tenants and the landlord.

Generally a studio apartment is smaller than most traditional apartments but you should still seek a studio apartment that has enough space for your furniture and accessories. Don’t purchase large refrigerators, washers or sofas as this will take up too much space in the studio apartment. Consider an air bed instead of a regular bed because it’s more affordable and easier to manage.

If you’re an artist or musician who needs a place to hone your skills, the studio apartment is the best choice. But if you’re a musician you need to inquire about your city’s noise ordinance laws so you won’t encounter problems with the landlord and fellow tenants.