Townhouses and Duplexes

Townhouses are homes that are built side-by-side while a duplex is a home that is divided into two sides and sometimes separated by a wall. Some benefits of renting a townhouse or a duplex include less tenants to deal with, a more stylish apartment, a better space for roommates and in some cases the amenities are better.

If you plan to have a few roommates, these types of apartments are an ideal choice. Townhouses and duplexes are also great for families who want to rent a home together if they’re unable to purchase a home.

One good place to find a decent townhome or duplex is to visit your neighbors who own duplexes or townhouses. Ask some of them if they’re seeking tenants and if so, can you tour the spaces to determine if it’s the right space for you. You should also ask the neighbors how much would they charge for the rent and if the security deposit is refundable.

Even if you get along well with the neighbor who will rent to you, things can get sour if there is a misunderstanding of the rental lease. This is why the lease should be given in writing and ask questions if you’re unclear about what is in the lease.

Another good place to locate a townhouse or duplex is on or the website of the National Association of Realtors. Type in your city and state then write the addresses and details of the homes you’re interested in. Then contact a local realtor about these homes and ask to tour them.

When you tour the townhomes or duplexes, keep your budget in mind and check to see if the home has the number of rooms you need. Also look for any busy streets or commercial buildings that are near the home because you don’t want to rent in an isolated area.

Because duplexes and townhomes are excellent for roommates, ask friends or relatives if they would like to share an apartment with you. Get verification of their incomes and decide on who will be responsible for certain utilities and the rent. Once you’ve decided this search for the apartment together.