Truck Rental

Unless you know friends or relatives who own a truck, you’ll need to hire a truck rental company to help you move your belongings to the new apartment. The first thing you should do is get the right estimate and research the services of different truck rental companies.

When looking for the best estimate don’t choose the cheapest price because some truck rental companies that offer low estimates sometimes give poor service, and this can be the case if the estimate is too high. Ask the truck rental company owner what charges are included in the estimate such as gas and insurance.

Another thing to consider is the size of the truck you want to rent. If your apartment had six bedrooms, a 27-foot truck works the best, and if you have three to four bedrooms, a 24-foot truck is a good choice. Write a list of the items you’re bringing to the apartment and decide which size truck you need.

When you visit the truck rental company, inspect the trucks for any defects or other malfunctions. You should also ask how you would handle a situation in which the truck experienced minor damage during the move, and if you can purchase insurance for the truck from that company.

Read some online reviews of local truck rental companies by customers and look at the positive and negative comments you see. Call local real estate companies and ask them if they can recommend a good truck rental for you. Your current landlord can also guide you to the best truck rental company.

Local rental guide websites and print magazines occasionally feature ads from truck rental companies. Friends and relatives can also help you find a good truck rental company.

To make things easier for the truck rental company’s movers, pack your belongings at least a month before the move-out date. Get plenty of bubble wrap, tape, string and markers to label the boxes. Don’t buy too many things between now and the time you get to the new apartment, and let the movers know which boxes have your most fragile items.